Modeling and simulation engineer at Schafer Corporation, primarily doing laser system performance modeling. I also maintain and develop simulation codes to support this in Fortran, C++ and MATLAB. I enjoy simulation visualization in MATLAB, having written some of my own tools.

Trying to improve web skills by goofing with an Apache server and PHP. Set up our small Subversion and Mercurial server with a modified WebSVN and custom repo admin since most are not developers but write a good deal of code. I experiment with another server setup that is an anti-wiki, anti-CMS, anti-static content server dynamically served from Pandoc-flavored Markdown files that I'm not sure where I'm going with yet. The beginnings of it are on GitHub as ryangray/doodad, but I need to update that now that it does a lot more.

Tech podcast addict. Apple fan. Doctor Who fan (classic and new). Amateur cosmologist and typography nerd. Recently infatuated with notebooks and pens.