OS X Dashboard Markdown Reference card

I came across a site, dashkards, that has some handy keyboard reference cards for Mac OS X’s Dashboard. They are done as Webclips. Of interest here are their cards for Markdown and Notational Velocity.

However, I was having trouble with installing more than one of these at a time — the last one would show, but the others would be blank.

Update: The dashkards site gives help on a workaround for this bug in Dashboard here.

I found another workaround:

  1. Save the card’s webpage as a WebArchive from Safari
    You’ll want to keep the file around, so maybe make a folder for these.
  2. Open the .webarchive file in Safari
  3. Follow the original instructions for making the Webclip:
    1. Choose “File->Open in Dashboard…” from Safari’s menu
    2. Click on the card so it is selected.
    3. Click the “Add” button.

Since these are made from local pages, they won’t update if the dashkards site updates them, so that’s the downside of this workaround, but then since they are local, they should load faster.