RIM's Assumed Capability

Clayton Morris talked about the RIM Playbook tablet and said:

… no one doubts that BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion can build a killer business tablet — but for some reason the company hasn’t.

Why do people somehow think that RIM has this capability simply because of the success of the Blackberry. Why did the Blackberry succeed? email. They built a smartphone that did it well for the time, and lots of people who needed good mobile email snapped it up. That’s it. RIM needs to have a new trick now, and it seems that, the Playbook is not it.

Of course, many reviews focus on the absence of mail, contacts and calendar apps. The reasoning for their absence is that you get them when paired with a Blackberry phone, which keeps that data secure on the phone. Really? No caching? When the Blackberry is out of range, the data is wiped, and reloaded when it comes back into range? This excuse quickly falls apart when we learn that these apps are coming to the Playbook later on. I think the real reason is that RIM hasn’t fully debugged the syncing of that data when there could be more than just your Blackberry phone changing data between syncs.